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Google+ is one the fastest growing Social Media Network. And Google +1 will directly helpful to boost up website rank in Google Search result. Google +1 increase the authority of the website in Google which will helpful to not lose its ranking on Google Updates. We do provide high quality, real, USA Google Plus Ones directly to your website with 0% bounce rate.

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Google+ Team has just announced an update to the platform that will expand the reach of your posts and hopefully increase engagement. Now select posts that your followers +1 will show to their followers as "activity updates". In this case ever personal or Business Google+ page must need consider number of Google+ Followers to keep the page active all time.

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Google+ Shares helps to keep your personal or business page very active and also let your followers know about your recent updates as well as it will helpful for indexing your link in Google Search Result very much faster. Google+ Shares is the main way that you can share content on Google Plus page, it can be either text, links, links, images or video.


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    Google + has around 359 million active users till May 2013 and it had a total of 500 million users out of them 235 million are active each month.Google described Google plus as a “social layer” , it has many best features.

    Sharing the posts at Google+ increase the Google search ranking.+1 button at Google plus brings more search ranking as compared to Facebook and twitter.

    Google+ will also offer Custom URL ( which will increase brand awareness.

    Google+ Share will help to keep all updates to your followers which will also give do-follow back-link to your website.

    Google+ Followers will get all notification from your share which would help to discuss about the share in Comment section.

    When +name(+plus1gig) is included will get tagged and notified for every post.